Fight for good governance not money, Makarfi Tells NLC

Fight for good governance not money, Makarfi Tells NLC


A former governor of Kaduna State , Senator Ahmed Makarfi , has asked organised labour in the country to always hold government accountable rather than fighting for “ money, money . ”
Makarfi gave the advice in an interview with journalists during the 36 th Plenary / AGM of the Unity Schools Old Students Association which held at the Federal Government College, Kaduna on Saturday
He said , “ I had challenged , even before I became a governor , Labour leaders I knew that if they talked of money , money , money , they would end up with money that was not going to be useful.
“ Rather, hold government accountable . Demand for good governance, demand for infrastructure, demand for security, demand for a lot of things that are expected from government , a living wage which will be minimal .
“ But if you are always asking for money , somebody gives you N 10 and takes away N 30 for example, how do you benefit ?
Makafi , who is a member of the association, added , “ When you hear of wage increase in serious economies , it is by 1 , 2 , 2 . 3 per cent because it is not about the money; it is about what the government should provide . But here in Nigeria, we have freed government from providing those things and said no , give me , I can provide for myself when it is not possible . ”
The Minister of Water Resources, Adamu Suleiman , who is also a member of the association, lauded the nation ’ s founding leaders for establishing the 104 unity schools across the country .
He said, “ There is no state that I go to in this country that I don ’ t see my classmates that will host me and be ready to give me his bedroom to sleep . We are very happy with the concept .
“ But we need to redraw the map; we can go back to the original concept of unity schools. These days , admission is a little bit skewed towards catchment areas. ”
In her keynote presentation on the ‘ Role of USOSA in enthroning good governance for national development, ’ a former acting Secretary to the Government of the Federation , Dr Habiba Muda Lawal, said the future of Nigeria depended on good governance .
“ USOSA , with its network of membership , human capital and goodwill across every neighbourhood , states and local governments of Nigeria and with unique access to the instrumentalities of official power of governance as well as private sector , religious leaders, civic and other sources of influence can work with the government of the Federation to provide a better system of education for the Nigerian child to thrive in a modern economy, that will eventually translate into national development. ”
Earlier, the President General of USOSA , Lawrence Wilbert, stressed the need for citizens ’ contribution to good governance and urged leaders to take care of the many defects in 1999 Constitution.
He said, “ Many informed speakers, writers and scholars , have argued compulsively that Nigeria’ s socio-political economy has to be tinkered with to give Nigeria any chance of survival .
“ It is now widespread knowledge that Nigeria’ s political leaders actually have no other choices but to take another look at the many defects that have been exhaustively pointed out in the 1999 Constitution. ”

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