Any Market That Does not Pay Waste Disposal Levy Will Be Locked Up- Oyo Gov’t

Any Market That Does not Pay Waste Disposal Levy Will Be Locked Up- Oyo Gov’t


In quest for Oyo state government to have a proper way of waste disposal, the Oyo State governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde who has earlier frowned at the poor approach to environmental sanitation in Ibadan metropolis, appealing to Oyo state dwellers to properly dispose their waste and also trying to put things to in order.

Interview section with Abiodun Adewole and Hon. Kehinde Ayoola
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Speaking with the Commissioner for Environment and Natural Resources, Hon. Kehinde Ayoola, spoke explicitly to Double A Media that the Oyo state government is strictly ready to enforce payment of waste disposal levy on markets, houses and communities in general.

He said, “this government has embarked on free education for his people but our waste disposal in the community will attract levy. We beg the good people of Oyo state to adhere strictly with this so as to have control over our waste in Oyo state…

“Any Market That Does not Pay Waste Disposal Levy Will Be Locked Up”

Double A Media recalls, while Gov. Makinde maintained that he had directed the agencies in charge to ensure strict compliance with environmental sanitation measures, stating that his government will not hesitate to invoke the full arm of extant laws against any erring person or groups of people on the issue of environmental sanitation.

Also, Hon. Kehinde Ayoola made known to us that the state government is ready to ensure right measure on anyone who violate the rules guiding Oyo state environment.

However, it was said that the governor showing his displeasure in the present state of Oyo environmental sanitation resulted to the formation of committee from 4 different Ministries in the state which as now is very active in discharging the assigned duty.

The government also disclosed to the people of Oyo state that proper public parking space will be made available in the society which therefore states that parking of vehicles on the road is highly prohibited and also attract measures.

“…by year 2020 our people will be seeing parking spaces the government will be creating so as to avoid traffic.”

More so, selling on the roadside will not be condone any longer,hence, the need for proper space for traders is the priority of the state government. “one of the reasons we are doing this is to protect the life of our people from the accident that might want to occur.” He said.

The government thus, promises to keep informing, educating and also ready to dialogue with people especially the concerned people such as the traders to make sure peace reign as the government embark on proper environmental sanitation.

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