Truck Driver Shot Dead by Policeman Along Akure-Owo Road

Truck Driver Shot Dead by Policeman Along Akure-Owo Road


A policeman shot and killed an innocent truck driver because of N100 bribe in Uso Community, along Akure-Owo expressway, Ondo State.

The Truck driver that towed two cars was coming from lagos.

When he got to Uso community area along Akure to owo expressway, he met the set of policemen trying to stop him and collect N100 bribe. He didn’t want to stop and a policeman shot him on his head and ran away.

The 3 other officers ran into their vehicle and escaped, but the villagers ran and caught the one that couldn’t escape and beat him up. When they were trying to get tyres to burn him alive, he ran away and escaped too.

According to an eye witness,
Something happened not quite long, I’ve always heard about it but never experienced it. A police man killed a truck driver because of #100, the Hausa guys around started shooting randomly because one of them was killed, we ran into the bush when we started hearing gunshots.

There are dead people due to the shooting between the Hausa guys and the police men.

One mama in our bus was shot while we were running. I’ve not recovered, still shivering.
Because of #100.

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