Woman nabbed over missing penis and breast in Ibadan

Woman nabbed over missing penis and breast in Ibadan


Pandemonium in front of the University of Ibadan at the early hours of Tuesday, when one old woman was accused and nabbed for being responsible for missing penis of a secondary school (Emmanuel College) student in Ibadan, Oyo state.

According to report gathered by Double A Media, the secondary school boy was said to have repeatedly shouted for help until people come to his rescue to find out the situation as true.

According to eye witness report, the boy said the old woman who asked him for #50 but failed to give her touched him and later detected his penis to be missing.

The old woman was claimed to be a lunatic in disguise but not familiar in the community.

However, report shows that, same week, in Ojoo area of Ibadan, the claimed lunatic once attempted such act of taking the breast of a young lady and was severally beaten by the people of the community.

As at press time, the situation is under the control of the Nigeria Police, the woman and the boy was said to have been taken to Sango Police Division in Ibadan.

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